Dream Of Reality

Listening to the sound of a tender ballad
It reminds me of the music of your voice
It woke me up and pulled out of the mud
Helped me to see and make the right choice

The first time I saw those cute little eyes
I was unable to speak for a moment or two
It came to me as the greatest surprise
To feel like I have always known you

Day after day was passing gently in silence
And those smiles turned into the big one
It was neither mystery nor some dark science
I was toasted for staring too long at the Sun

Remember that first kiss, touch and the feel
When my dream disappeared into the thin air
And turned into something so beautiful and real
It was so thrilling to start this wonderful affair

Every day I live again each week that is behind us
Such happiness always keeps the smile on my face
To celebrate the love that managed to find us
To leave my mind in this beautiful little place

There’s nothing that could give me more pleasure
Than to keep you close to hear every heart beat
To hug you and guard you like a hidden treasure
To enjoy every moment that feels so sweet

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