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Do you like new Google+?

My honest answer would be “I’ll let you know in about a month”.

Less than a year ago, Google+ was introduced to the world and now it has new layout. Reactions were both positive and negative. Aside from comments like “it’s like Facebook”, that I will proudly ignore, most people dislike huge empty space on a side while using big monitors.

I’m writing this post, not to talk about usability but rather to remind people about the fact that Google+ is still Google, and that company lives in “constant beta” phase. In other worlds, what you see now on G+, tomorrow might be different, a year from now you might not even recognize it. My point is that people have to be little patient. Google constantly asks for user feedback in order to improve their products, so let’s give them some time. Please do not be like a teenage girl in a phone store complaining about pink iPhone!

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